Domestic Air Conditioning Services in London, 24 Hour Maintenance and Repair.

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Domestic Air Conditioning

Sunopia Air Conditioning can provide varied fixed installations to harmonies your home.

Sunopia Air Conditioning will asses size and heat gain of your chosen room or whole house and provide you with a fixed installation to meet your needs.

A Fixed installation usually consist of an inside unit with an evaporator, sleek and complementary in design with some units even in basic colours & an outside condenser this can be stood or hung in a non obtrusive place taking as little room as possible.

New technology has brought through the wall units back in to fashion, slightly bigger than a large radiator this new generation has no need for unsightly compressors and is the Ideal solution for flats and strict planning areas.

Both of the above come in heat mode variants which will warm your home in winter as well as cool you down in the summer months, reverse cycle units as they are also known are economical, space saving and relatively cost effective to run making them an ideal choice for the home. we offer a service contract for the life of your unit to help trouble free use for years to come.

Choose an installed Air-Conditioning unit from Sunopia Air Conditioning and raise the value of your home "you will never regret it"

Preventative maintenance schedules or Urgent emergency breakdown assistance, call Sunopia. Our works engineers, electricians and craftsmen are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We offer a full maintenance repair service, our engineers are fully experienced and their vans are fully stocked to enable them to carry out maintenance and repairs quickly and efficiently.



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