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Industrial Air Conditioning

Sunopia Air Conditioning can provide VRV Multi-point installations to suit office, hotels or schools.

After a detailed survey Sunopia Air Conditioning will configure a VRV system to suit.

The VRV installation usually consist of 1 or 2 outside condensers enabling the supply of both hot and cold simultaneously from 12 areas and above. The inside units the evaporators comes in many shapes and sizes to suit your needs these are usually floor mounted units similar to fan assisted convector radiators but can also be a mix of high output cassettes or ceiling mount units.

Although the VRV's can also supply your computer room with cooling we strongly recommend keeping the cooling needs of your computer room and severs separate that's why we give you this FREE " that's right" install a VRV system of 12 rooms and more and we will supply your computer room free of charge, subject to site survey and conditions.

Multi split systems known as VRV's are all serviced from a large compressor unit usually mounted on the roof for foot print saving reasons but can also be mounted at ground floor level were space is not of concern.

VRV's come in heat pump mode supplying your office with a one step solution for cooling in summer and heating in winter all in the same convenient package. Also known as reverse cycle units they are economical to run, space saving and relatively cost effective making them an ideal choice for the office.

Air Handling Units also work on the principle of a single or twin roof top unit, this unit can cool, heat and purify then force the handled air though ducting, to your specified areas were individual temperature controlling is of less importance.

Ducted type systems offer a cost effective cooling solution to areas or separate rooms all from the same roof top unit.

Install a VRV system from Sunopia Air Conditioning and we will automatically supply you with a service contract in the guarantee period to ensure trouble free use for the years.

VRV Air-Conditioning from Sunopia Air Conditioning is the perfect solution were the cooling / heating needs vary from room to area.

We offer a full emergency breakdown maintenance repair service, our engineers are fully experienced and their vans are fully stocked to enable them to carry out maintenance and repairs quickly and efficiently.

We are suppliers of wholesale ducting and ventilation products direct to site in the UK.

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