refurbish entire building systems as well as individual systems or plant in London, 24 Hour Maintenance and repair

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Sunopia Air Conditioning can refurbish entire building systems as well as individual systems or plant. For instance existing heating systems can be replaced with new heat pump systems, that not only provide winter heating but also summer cooling. The system will also provide far lower winter heating bills to assist in carbon footprint emissions with more efficient energy usage and allow much finer control of space temperature.

Older air conditioning systems can be replaced with modern systems providing both better control and cheaper running costs also to comply with new legislation.

It is quite feasible to recoup your installation cost of a modern system within one year because new technology has created equipment that uses far less fuel. This is why the UK government is encouraging use of heat pumps and offering enhanced capital allowances. See - Additional savings can be made with tax relief.

If you lease systems, you can save even more! Ask for details

We offer a full maintenance repair service. Preventative maintenance schedules or Urgent emergency breakdown assistance.

We wholesale ducting and ventilation supplies direct to site in the UK.

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